7 Jun 2017

Sidelined again? environment in the Brexit Election

Our team are certainly keeping busy in the run-up to the election! Another blog post for UK in a Changing Europe. Dr Viviane Gravey and Prof Andy Jordan have carefully cross checked the contents of the main parties' manifestos against the three environmental tests set by Greener UK (the coalition of thirteen of the largest environmental organisations). How do they perform?

Brexit and the environment: what can we expect?

We published another blog post yesterday for UK in a Changing Europe where Dr Charlotte Burns outlines the mixed implications of Brexit for EU environmental policy.

6 Jun 2017

Green Party report card: Better campaign, worse outcome?

Our new blog post in The Conversation looks at how its not just Jeremy Corbyn that's creating headache for the Greens in the general election, but also the low salience of the environment and the Brexit debate.

Brexit and Agri-Environment and Fisheries in the UK: A New Dawn?

1 Birdcage Walk, London, 3 July 2017, 14.00-17.30

Join members of the team (Dr Charlotte Burns and Dr Viviane Gravey) along with leading practitioners to debate the findings of an independent report on the implications of a Brexit for the UK’s Agri-Environment and Fisheries Sectors.

The EU has had a profound impact upon UK agriculture and fisheries policy. ‘Brexit’ will lead to considerable change in both sectors. The policy brief launched at this event brings clear, balanced and systematic academic evidence together with the views of leading practitioners on the implications of Brexit for future UK Agri-Environment and Fisheries.

Attendance is free, but registration is essential. Please register via EventBrite.

For further information please contact: charlotte.burns@york.ac.uk or fay.farstad@york.ac.uk

Brexit, the environment and devolution

A new blog post in The Environmentalist - this time looking at how the political parties in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are engaging with the environmental challenges posed by Brexit. 

24 May 2017

The Brexit election: Red, white, blue… and green?

We have a new blog post out in The Environmentalist comparing the manifestos of the Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and Green Parties in the run-up to the June 8 General Election. In what is said to be the 'Brexit' election, is there any room for the environment? Are the main parties raising to the Brexit & Environment challenges of protecting standards, keeping legislation dynamic and building new governance arrangements?

4 May 2017

Winner of 'Insight of the Year' at the ENDS Awards 2017

We are delighted to announce we've won 'Insight of the Year' at the first edition of the ENDS Environmental Impact Awards

ENDS is Europe’s primary provider of intelligence for environmental professionals, delivering news, analysis and reference across the carbon, environmental and sustainability agenda. 

The new Impact awards seek to spotlight examples of innovation and positive impact: new thinking, new procedures and new technologies, expertly delivered, that make a meaningful contribution to immediate or long-term environmental protection and sustainability.

Our project (co-convened by Green Alliance), ‘The EU referendum, Brexit and the UK environment’ has won ‘Insight of the Year’ award, reflecting the knowledge generation and impact activities it undertook before during and after the referendum.

This award celebrates “thought leadership on an environmental or sustainability topic, either developing brand new thinking or communicating to new audiences or in new ways, and that clarifies and enables more effective action on sustainability challenges or solutions”. 

The full list of winners is available here